'My vision is to demystify marketing and empower practices to achieve their full potential'

- Michelle Tayler, Founder Marketing Practices

Over the past two decades, marketing has, and continues to be my passion. It's the combination of creativity, psychology, structured processes and evolving technology that draws me to it.  

Starting out as a young uni graduate, I immersed myself in marketing roles at multinational organisations that offered vast learning experiences. Working for company's including 3M, Nestle, Boehringer Ingelheim, W.L Gore & Associates (makers of GORE-TEX products) and Fairfax Media proved to be great career building opportunities. However, I ultimately found that my creativity became constrained by corporate processes and the more staff I managed, the further away I became from the true marketing work. 

This led me to search for an opportunity to put my vast amount of experience to good use by helping smaller businesses achieve growth through marketing. I joined Dental Corporation which allowed me to provide marketing support to over 100 dental practices. It provided me great insights into the opportunities, needs and challenges that practice principals face. I had a new-found enthusiasm as I was able use all of my marketing knowledge gained working for large corporates to create a big impact in helping the practices.

After finishing this role, I have been independently consulting to individual practices (dental, medical, chiropractic) and other small businesses ever since. 

I am driven by the satisfaction of seeing my clients succeed and break through marketing roadblocks to achieve impressive results. Often when I start working with clients they are filled with self limiting beliefs:

"I don't have enough time for marketing!"

"I've tried everything when it comes to marketing... and nothing worked!"

"I've tried engaging with marketing agencies and I felt like it was a waste of money."

"I just can't keep up with the latest in social media, surely my website is enough?" 

Hearing these self limiting beliefs time and time again motivated me to create Marketing Practices, a membership subscription specifically designed to help Australian Practices.

It's my vision to demystify marketing, and to mentor Australian practices to realise their full potential. I know running a practice is demanding and often there is nowhere to turn to for trusted advice. Marketing Practices is your practice marketing help desk, here to serve and guide you through your marketing transformation to create a successful, profitable practice.

I invite you to join us for our next enrolment intake.


We empower Practice Principals and Practice Managers to achieve practice growth by teaching them how to implement effective marketing strategies.

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